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time to later. airs an hour coming up on c-span and ,a campaign event with mitt romney. a look ahead to the illinois primary on tuesday. at 11:00, "q&a" with walter williams. the c-span networks will show several live events on monday. the u.s. chamber of commerce will host a forum for the world trade organization. among the panelists, the c most fromisco, boeing, and microsoft. on c-span3, coverage of an education conference. participants including a arne duncan will talk about ways to increase high-school graduation rates and preparing young people for college and the work force. coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> three days ago, bombs were dropped on a neighboring village. when we got there, we found children filled with shrapnel including a 9-year-old boy who had both of his hands blown off. as we travelled further north, we were greeted by hundreds of villagers with signs. as we met with their leaders, we were also met with 3 300 millimeter rockets fired overhead. people ran into caves for their safety. that happens every day. these are not the cave people of nuba. they li
, a campaign event with mitt romney. a political roundtable discussion looking ahead to illinois's primary on tuesday. after that, the launch of a campaign to reduce corporate money and influence in the elections. fbi director testified about the president's $8.2 billion budget request in 2013. the c-span that works will show several live events on monday. the u.s. chamber of commerce will host a forum looking at business priorities this year for the world trade organization. business representatives from microsoft and boeing. on c-span3, and education conference. participants including the secretary of education will talk about increasing high school graduation rates. live coverage begins at 8:00. >> 15 bombs were dropped on a neighboring village. when we got there, we found children filled with shrapnel, including a nine-year-old boy who had both of his hands blown off. as we travelled further north, where were greeted by hundreds of villagers carrying signs. as the mets with their leaders, we were met with 300 millimeter rockets fired overhead. we witnessed hundreds of people running to
the possibilities of people dropping out. if mitt romney can come on this, then the argument is going to end right there. because of the perceived divide within the party is, i think it is wise to prepare for the possibilities. >> i know you are quite familiar with rule number 30. this change from 2008-2012. >> that is exactly what the rick santorum group is try to push for. mitt romney may have 1 million more votes. mitt romney may have more delegates than the other three candidates combined. when you come to tampa, anything goes. just like when ted kennedy tried to make it an open convention in 1980 against jimmy carter. you need somebody to be president obama. if it is not going to be met romney, it should be us. >> it is an industrial state. it is a state that rick santorum needs to prove that he can win. that is going to keep this race going. it is not winner-take-all. each is going to walk away with some delegates. >> we talked about how the money is very important. rick santorum did not have the money to file in every congressional district in illinois. even if he does well, he will be shut
satellite corp. 2012] >> next, republican predicted a candidate mitt romney at a town hall meeting in dayton, ohio. then a view of this tuesday of three primary vote in ohio. after that, addresses by president obama and republican rep doc hastings. >> mitt romney continues to campaign in ohio the buckeye state is one of 10 states holding contests on super tuesday. next, he takes part in a town hall meeting in dayton. ♪ >> wow. what a turnout. i have a question for this crowd. do you believe we cannot afford another four years of barack obama? [applause] that must mean we will do everything in our power over the next three days to make sure mitt romney when's ohio and in the fall beats barack obama. are we going to do it? [applause] three more days and we are. it is great to be here. the mayor is doing a great job as a champion for this area. we also happen states senator chris widener here. pretty good team, the you not think? [applause] and the big guy behind me here, mangold, centerville ohio. you can probably tell from looking at him he plays a sport. can you guess which one it is? a gr
copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> next, republican presidential candidate mitt romney at a town hall meeting in dayton, ohio. then a preview of the presidential primary vote in the state. after that, a presidential address. >> buck mckeon, chairman of the armed services committee, discusses the defense cuts planned by the obama administration, efforts to shift the role in afghanistan, and the nuclear plant in iran. >> even a person who is a senator, even a person who is president of the united states, faces a predicament when they talk about race. they face the fact that there are an appreciable number of americans who are racially prejudiced. they face the fact that a much larger portion of the american populace wants to deny that reality even now. >> the former law clerk to justice thurgood marshall on racism, politics, and the obama administration. the rhodes scholar is the author of five books. he will answer questions for three hours, live on "in depth." republican presidential candidate mitt romney continues to campaign in ohio this weekend. it is one of 10 state
the federal government adopt massachusetts romney-care. that is bad enough. he has gone out during the time obamacare was being proposed, and the encourage president obama to adopt an individual mandate, to adopt romney-care for the model on the federal level. a few of the course of this campaign, he has maintained that he did not do that. there is one thing to make a mistake. there is another thing to go out and deliberately misrepresented the people of this country what your position is. i can tell you, we need someone who the american public can trust. it will go out there and tell you what they believe all the time. [applause] we need a president who understands what is going to get this economy going and put forth a bold economic plan. the wall street journal compared to our economic plan with mitt romney is. they call the supply-side economics for the working man. we take the existing tax code and we throw the existing tax code out. we take the tax rate and we reduce it to 28%. we get rid of the tax code and replace it with five simple deductions. children, charities, pensions, health
'clock a.m. eastern -- 8:00 a.m. eastern. mitt romney upheld a meeting in rockford, ill. at the machine shed a restaurant. 69 total delegates are up for grabs. >> we are so delighted to be here. it should be stalling and cold. that might happen again. mitt and i have had the opportunity to go across the country. it has been a blessing to see all of the wonderful people. we love meeting you folks and having the chance to see what america is really about. i wish everyone could have the opportunity to see the goodness of the american people. the heartland, the goodness of america is still strong. we need to win. [applause] i told mitt four years ago that i would never do this again. here we are. we had better get this done this time. i laughed because i say this after every pregnancy. i am the mother of five boys. we have been blessed with a wonderful family and a wonderful country with wonderful parents. so i am so grateful to my mom and dad and grandparents. for mitt's parents too. my father is an immigrant. he came from whales at the age of 15. his father was a coal miner and spent all
's state address. after that, mitt romney at a town hall meeting in dayton, ohio. live, at 7:00 a.m., your calls on local washington journal." >> who can we win with? >> and none of them. obama just changed the entire dynamic. >> look inside the movie and the book on the inside story of what happened in the 2008 presidential campaign. f. >> this is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull -- lipstick. [laughter] >> their expectation was that she was an allied asset. for the next 10 days, she was. on the democratic side, there's a lot concern. as the mccain-palin ticket came out, they pulled five or six points. people on the democratic side work freaking out. >> we will talk about "game change" today. >> now rhode island governor lincoln gives the second state of the address. he outlined his proposal to boost the state economy. he took office on january 4, 2011. he previously served in the u.s. senate from 1999 to 2007. this is about 29 minutes. >> thank you very much. president,, madam members of the general assembly, fellow general officers, members of the judiciary, distinguish
is working even though mitt romney did some of it, the rest is up to our government now. believe me, we're not unhappy. thank you, goodbye. host: more of a comment, not a question, do you want to respond? guest: that response sort of sums up priority number one or what should be priority number one for the republicans coming out of this primary campaign. they have really got to turn around this idea that they are the anti-women's party. >> ahead of tomorrow's presidential primaries, we are going live now to birmingham to hear from newt gingrich and rick santorum. right now, alabama republican party chairman is speaking garrett kern >> we will begin tonight, as we do all of our events, with a prayer, a pledge, and the national anthem. if you will please rise, but we will be led in prayer by rev. john killian, a 12th grade home school student, and the national anthem. >> let's bell in prayer. we thank you that over two centuries ago he put it in the hearts of brave men and women to found this great country. we think that you preserve our land. i think that there is a stirring in heart
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9